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Malpesa dry press bricks – Murcia

Malpesa dry press bricks - Murcia

We thought it would be worth sharing a few facts around the recent build in Murcia.  The building is truly unique.  It uses Malpesa’s unique Triana dry press bricks for the majority of the facade with some smaller sectors using other Malpesa products.  The dry press bricks are laid with a mortarless look joint of…

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Tejas Borja terracotta tiles

Tejas Borja terraccotta tiles

Creative  Bricks have recently commenced sale of the range of terracotta tiles available from Tejas Borja.  Tejas Borja are a family owned company who have been manufacturing terracotta tiles for over 150 years.  As you can imagine, they know a thing or two about terracotta tiles and beautiful clay products. Our first shipment will be…

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Dry press bricks and modern architecture

Dry press bricks - Triana - Murcia 2

This recent build in Murcia in Spain shows just how modern architecture can get with dry press bricks.  This building was created with our Andalucia (white) and Triana (sandy coloured) dry press bricks which were laid with a 4mm joint to create a mortarless look for the brickwork.  The end result is stunning!  See for…

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